Are Asus Computers and Laptops Good? Let’s see what we can find out.

are asus computers Good?

Yes, that is the short answer to your question.đź‘Ś

You’ve probably heard of Asus, the computer hardware and electronics company that makes everything from servers to motherboards to graphics cards to phones to tablets. 

Their laptops are also of great quality and can compete with almost any other famous laptop brand in the market. 

Asus’s main focus has been to provide budget laptop buyers with options that give them the performance they’re looking for at an affordable price.

so many people have turned to Asus over other brands because of this even if it means paying just a few hundred more dollars than you would have if you had gone with another brand that That was a bit more expensive..

So what makes Asus a good option for anyone who lives on a limited budget?

When it comes to buying a laptop, everyone is looking for a good deal. 

With so many choices out there, finding one that best fits your demand can be difficult. But if you’re looking for a budget friendly choice, then Asus could be what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus A Quality Laptop?

The short answer to that question is yes, as Asus has been creating. quality laptops for years. 

But with so many other companies producing similar machines, finding a good one can be tough. We’ve done some of that work for you and found some of our favourites. 

If you want something more powerful, check out our Best Gaming Laptops feature but if budget is your concern (and it probably should be), these are great options.

Why Are Asus Laptops So Cheap?

Are asus computers good or is it all just hype? While you may see a large variance in prices between different laptops, we believe there’s a reason for that.

Different laptops perform and feel differently from one another, but generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

Cheap brands may seem like an easy way to save money at first glance, but what you might be saving now will be lost when your device breaks down half-way through your new job!

Some Of The Best ASUS Laptops Available Today

The ASUS Transformer Book T100TA tablet can be purchased for $349 on Amazon. 

For a 10-inch screen and a Core i3 processor, that’s a great deal. But if you really want to go big, consider buying an ASUS ROG 17-inch gaming laptop. 

That bad boy can be purchased for just under $1,000 and comes with a 3GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card, 1TB of hard drive space and 8GB of RAM.

ASUS’s Design

Laptops aren’t as mobile as they used to be.

Where at one time, many laptops were thin and light – but were also quite flimsy – laptops today are heavy and bulky but sturdier than ever before. 

This change isn’t just a result of more powerful components being crammed into a smaller space; it is also a direct result of today’s laptops being used more like desktops, rather than exclusively to go machines.

ASUS’s Pricing

ASUS laptops are typically in the price range of other leading laptop brands.

However, if you’re seeking a high-end laptop, ASUS is likely to have a model that matches or exceeds your requirements.

And let’s face it, as good as they come, machines generally cost more than midrange models.

Still, if you compare an ASUS and a Dell—for example—you’ll find that you’ll get more bang for your buck with an ASUS computer, especially when you factor in customer Reliability and responsiveness.

Let’s Compare ASUS With Other Computer Brands

When it comes to laptops or desktop computers, you don’t really have a choice if you want to stick with top brands.

Comparing different brands is a way for you to find out which computer will fit your needs and budget. Let’s take two of these popular brands: Dell and ASUS.

Comparing them would let us know how they stack up against each other in terms of performance, specs, durability, price, as well as customer service.


These are a few ways in which one can go about picking out a laptop of their choice.

Of course, there’s more to it than just considering which brand to purchase and going with it.

You must take a lot of factors into account when looking for a new computer. 

systems; you have to remember that computers are expensive.

Being in financial difficulty sucks but if you’re stuck needing a new computer then these tips should help you find a great deal on purchasing them as soon as possible.

Finding affordable asus computers from reputable dealers is not impossible at all if you know what to look for in order to find quality machines.

Make sure that you get all your information before purchasing so you know exactly what you’re getting into!


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