How to Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop

How to Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop

Why choose between your Dell laptop and Airpods? With this guide, you’ll be able to connect Airpods to your Dell laptop without any issues! Plus, it’s super simple! Here’s how to do it. Before we get started, make sure you have the following things with you:

  • Your Airpods
  • A Dell laptop
  • An Apple computer or smartphone
  • Bluetooth set up on your computer/smartphone


If you’re looking for a way to connect your airpods wireless headphones with your laptop computer, then there are ways you can do so. It all pivots on whether or not your computer is equipped with Bluetooth technology. On condition that it is, then connecting is very easy; if it isn’t, you’ll need an adaptor like one of these. With that being said, let’s jump get into!


Before you begin, make sure your laptop has Bluetooth connectivity. Some computers do not have Bluetooth capability; if you’re in doubt, check your laptop’s specification before proceeding. If your computer has Bluetooth, turn it on and then use instructions from Apple’s website to connect your airpods with Dell laptops.

Your Mac or PC should automatically find and connect with them once they’re turned on in close closeness (about 30 feet). It takes about three minutes for AirPods to connect once turned on and activated by your computer.

In Brief:

  • Open Bluetooth Settings on the Dell Laptop

Connecting your AirPods to yours laptop is simple, but you’ll need a few things first. First, open your Bluetooth settings on Dell laptop.

  • Enable Allow Bluetooth Devices for Discover This Computer on the Dell Laptop

From your Windows 10 laptop, click Start, type Bluetooth and click on Change Bluetooth Settings. Under Bluetooth Settings, switch on On or Off as per your requirements. Click Next till you reach Allow Bluetooth Devices to Find This Computer. Make sure that it is turned on and then click Next. Click Next again when you are ready to connect AirPods or any other device via Bluetooth.

  • Pair AirPods with the Dell Laptop

Open up yours Dell laptop and turn it on. Connecting AirPods with a computer can be done in just a few easy steps. However, if you utilise an Apple computer, pairing is made simple by using Bluetooth. Simply turn on your Apple computer and wait for any prompt from iTunes telling you that new devices are available for pairing. Afterward, connect your new AirPods to your iTunes account by tapping Connect under Settings > Bluetooth > Show All Devices.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1.Put your AirPods in their case as well as ensure they are billed (charged).

2.Open Settings on your PC from Start menu. It’s the gear-shaped icon over the power switch. You can additionally type “Setup” in the Start menu search box.

3.Click On “Devices.”.

4.At the top of the “Bluetooth & other tools” area, ensure Bluetooth is turned on. The button ought to be glided to the right and tinted blue.

5.Clicks On “Add Bluetooth or other device.” 

Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop

6.In the Add a gadget window, click “Bluetooth.”.

7.Open the cover of your AirPods instance.

8. Press as well as hold the tiny button on back side of the case for a number of secs, till the status light on the front of the instance begins blinking white.

Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop

9. The AirPods Must expose in the directory of tools offered for matching on your computer. They may first look like “Headphones,” and afterwards change to “AirPods” after a few minutes.

10.Clicks On “Matthew’s AirPods.” (Your Airpod Name In mine Case “Matthew’s AirPods” )

Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop

11. Windows will certainly connect to the AirPods and display a success message. Click “Done.” You can currently pay notice to yours computer sound with the AirPods.

Connect Airpods to a Dell Laptop


While many methods are available for connecting Apple’s AirPods to other devices, like TVs or gaming consoles, Mac users have it especially easy. You can connect your AirPods directly to yours laptop via Bluetooth or through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at once. If you’re still having trouble connecting your device, contact your computer manufacturer for further  assistance.

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